Terms and Conditions

By using Retouchify (including retouchifyapp.com and its related services and tools), you agree these Terms and Conditions and to the related Privacy Policy. This Agreement is effective on February 2015, for current users, and upon acceptance for new users.

 Rights to Your Images
Retouchify will never claim rights to your images except as necessary to provide its services.  When you transfer images to Retouchify you represent and warrant to Retouchify that you either own your images or have written permission from the copyright owner to make such images available to Retouchify.  Furthermore, you hereby grant to Retouchify, solely for the purpose of providing its services to you the non-exclusive right to copy, store, display, modify, distribute, transmit, and make derivative works of your images.  If you violate these provisions and transmit the images of others without their consent, you are solely responsible for any copyright violations that are committed as a result of your actions and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Retouchify, its officers, directors, employees and agents from any resulting costs and liability.

 Revision Policy
 We are always ready to provide quality revision for free as long as the customer revision request follows these terms:
- Revision requests are time-bound. We accept revision requests within 14 days following the completion of the order. If you do not take any actions within 14 days, your order will be automatically closed and can NOT be re-opened. You will need to place a new order for editing or revising the same photos;
- Revision instructions should NOT conflict with or deviate from the original instructions filled out when the order was placed;

 Photo Replacement
We do NOT accept photo replacement after service is delivered. If you send us a wrong photo and we have delivered our service for it, you should NOT ask us to edit another photo for free as replacement. You agree that you are fully responsible for the consequences of sending us a wrong photo.

 Data Storage
We do NOT provide photo storage service and high-resolution photos are only kept on our server for 30 days. Once you download the high-resolution edited photos, your original photos and high-resolution edited photos will be removed from our server within 30 days.

Retouchify provides these terms and conditions "as is". Retouchify maintains the sole right to revise these terms and conditions at any time. Retouchify reserves the right to terminate such agreement any time without any notice to any such user. Retouchify, employees, and authorized agents under no circumstances shall be held liable for any damages or any unforeseen damages that may result directly or indirectly from any communications and or images that are submitted for personal Non-Commercial and Commercial Uses. Retouchify shall not be held liable for any communications or images that may be received by an unanticipated third party.

Contact Us & Complaints

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